Netwave Sticker

Assign a real salesperson to each abandoning visitor

Netwave Sticker is the module dedicated to reducing abandonment, visitors leaving the site and bouncing.

Just like a salesperson faced with a customer who is showing signs of walking out, Netwave Sticker initiates dialogue, identifies deterrents and interacts in a customised way to ensure the visitor retains a purchasing mindset.
Finally, each abandoning visitor is offered personal treatment and your conversion rate increases.

What is Netwave Sticker’s role ?


  • Reduce the abandonment rate (which typically represents 2.5 times the site's sales revenue), and also the bounce rate.
  • Increase the length of the visit

It does this by stepping in, during the navigation, before the visitor leaves the site.

What are Netwave Sticker’s tasks ?


1. It identifies the risk of a visitor leaving the site or the risk of abandonment (leaving the basket with selected items in it),
2. It interacts with the visitor to identify their deterrents,
3. In real-time, it publishes the message, the alternative product selection, the contents, etc. corresponding to your strategy with the most potential to encourage visitors to continue with their visit or complete their purchase.

Visitor knowledge

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Netwave micro-segments, in real-time, and re-updates with every click 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It identifies up to 16,000 situations (dynamic micro-segments) having a statistical value  with every 1,000,000 visits, by studying more than 600 data points.

Relevant interactions

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Netwave auto-generates personalisation rules based on your commercial strategy and your visitor's situation. This allows you to have complete control by the AI, manual rules or a mixture of the two. Netwave analyses and makes a recommendation within 45ms, and then generates thousands of personalisation rules.

  Security and serenity

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Netwave obtained a grade A in the SSLLLABS/Qualys classification for their infrastructure and their back office, archiving configurations and offering One-click return, review and A/B test functions, etc. Netwave manages around 4.15 million visits, 38.8 million web services and 25.4 million recommendations in just one single day.

     Data White Box     

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All data used by our processor is visible in our back office and is exportable to your data mart, linked with our recommendations. 

200 markers exploiting 600 data points are at your disposal in order to better understand each of your visitors