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Our story

Netwave was born in 2011. Now based in London, Paris and Toulouse, Netwave develops the the most agile omnichannel personalisation platform for real-time personalisation on the market.

They implemented an exclusive double web intelligence technology, based on the interpretation of weak signals, and Decision Management, which relies on the power of community.

Their ambition is to free up marketing resources for higher level tasks (strategy, innovation, tests etc.)  by delegating lower level tasks (execution, management of volume and complexity) to Artificial Intelligence systems.

Initially financed by business angels, Netwave announced a round of Series A financing on the 24th December 2014.

From then on Banexi Ventures Partners venture capital funds were welcomed as shareholders.

Netwave's technology created a new event in the history of web analytics and decision management: the appearance of true Big Data Insight technology, Inductive Situational Analysis, which is the subject of three patent applications.

This allowed Netwave to provide clients with the technology to give commercially exploitable meaning to non-stored and unstructured data, in real-time. This allows for a completely personalised interaction, in real-time, without prior modelling and in omnichannel, to auto-adapt their interactions permanently without any human intervention.



After working together for  5 years within the e-business software market, Jean-Luc Bernard and Henri Marty met Jean-Pierre Malle, when Inductive Situational Analysis began. This was a true break-through for data analytics.

According to this model, it is no longer enough to simply "identify" clients. You must "know" them. This allows for knowledge of their true expectations, allowing those habitual learning and interaction procedures what usual take place in person, to be replicated online. This paradigm shift is absolutely necessary in order to finally achieve the best aspects of both "one-to-one" and real-time. Jean Pierre Malle licensed his real-time technology to Netwave and joined the company as an associate and Director, and then later became a Scientific Advisor.



At the end of 2011 Netwave had created their first prototype which reproduced the processes of human intuition and learning by using:

  • -weak signal trackers
  • -a software processor composed of exclusive situational algorithms
  • -a set of inductive interaction engines

Allow of this made it possible to:

  • -identify, in real-time, the expectations of each visitor individually
  • -generate a successful recommendation based on the previous use of the application, in real-time
  • -adapt the capacity of the recommendation to still be successful based on the development of what is learnt, in real-time

The technology was recognised for the Innovation E-Commerce Award in September 2011.



The first beta tests were carried out in 2012, allowing for extremely significant growth of CA/ Visits. V1.0 came out at the beginning of 2013 and was deployed to certain pioneers. From then on, Netwave would establish their technology within the largest e-merchants France has to offer: Rue du Commerce, Cdiscount, La Redoute etc. Netwave manages more than 20 million personalised interactions everyday,  interacting within 56ms on average, and it can identify and process more than 80,000 different situations for every 1 million visits.



It was in April 2016 that Netwave crossed the Channel with the arrival of Alex MEISI, a well-known British mobile marketing guru, who became UK Director. Now with locations in London, Paris and Toulouse (for R&D), the company totals 20 Netwavers, engineers, data scientists and expert Big Data and e-commerce processing consultants.

Their innovative approach to the market, their leadership in mastering products, their mission to be pioneers of pragmatic trends and to be engaged with their clients, has created their reputation.