Personalise all of your touchpoints

Universal API
From attraction to retention, as well as on-site engagement/conversion, call centre contact and retargeting, Netwave can personalise all of your digital touchpoints. Using HTML mode or via a simple API, Netwave connects all of your channels to their Nexus processor: your website, mobile site, app, call center, emailing platform, retargeting platform, etc.

Omni-channel data
Netwave consolidates, the knowledge acquired across all of these channels in real-time and without human intervention. A visit which started with your website will be taken into account when it is continued on the app. A reaction to a retargeting email will be taken into account when they next visit your site.

CRM Data
Your CRM data is integrated with the Netwave markers using agile technology which doesn't require any interface.

Netwave allows you to create a physical and digital vision of your customers, via the most advanced technology, to give them commercially exploitable relevance, in real-time, enabling to you to interact with them via all of your digital touchpoints.

Desktop/mobile site





Call Center