Netwave are with you all the way

Quick start

Your teams will love it


Netwave is easily deployed. The solution works without any prior segmentation or modeling : the Artificial Intelligence processor, Netwave Nexus,takes control for you. All in all, your teams will only have to deal with 4 to 6 days of change over time, based on the complexity of your catalogue. After a few days of e-learning, to get a situational background,  Netwave will begin to produce personalised interactions on your site.

Personalisation Strategy

Continuing support from launch


From the moment of initial deployment, Netwave consultants will help you to formulate your real-time Personalisation Platform:
- channels / zones to personalise
- personalisation targets, objectives and strategies
- KPIs
Our team of experts come from e-merchandising backgrounds or have come from specialist agencies or large e-business operators. Thanks to their experience and their knowledge of Netwave, they can will provide you with a complete Full Real Time Personalisation system. You can profit from all of the this platform's power right from the word go.

Performance and optimisation

Continuing support


The Netwave advisory team will accompany you all the time via a monthly meeting to share your performance and optimisation measures. They will guide you in the adoption of your KPIs and help you to identify any performance improvement leverage. They will use all of their know-how to help you exploit the full potential of Netwave.


Simple to learn


Netwave is a platform which is known for its ease of use for your marketing teams. Fast training is provided to you: based on modules, your marketing teams will undergo between 1 and 2 days of training in order to master all of the functional components of the platform. 2 supplementary days will allow your IT teams to be completely autonomous on the technical side: integration of traffic and publishing (html mode or JSON mode). Netwave is a certified training organisation.

Client service

You're never alone


The Netwave Help Desk is available by telephone and by e-mail to respond to your questions and provide you with functionality support  8 hours a day, 5 days a week. On the technical side of things, server control and communications are guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.