Netwave provides a host of real-time
personalisation solutions
for your online activity.

With Netwave, you can:

Automatically point your visitors to offers and/or content that best responds to their expectations.
Improve client satisfaction, confidence and loyalty.
Reduce client search and transaction times.
Increase sales.
We generated 360 million euros of post-click revenue for our clients in 2015, which is 12% of their online revenue.

A global offer of personalisation

Improve engagement

Increase conversation

Reduce abandonment

Agile technology

Netwave uses exclusive Web Intelligence and Decision Making technology that makes it personalisation platform the most agile on the market : driven by Inductive Situational Analysis. This Artificial Intelligence technology has three patents filed for it.

Netwave Nexus, the new generation AI processor, reproduces the principal mechanisms of knowledge acquisition and decision making by the human brain. It automatically identifies situations (16,000 typically value for every 1 million visits) based on weak signals, and generates the most efficient personalisation rules instantly without human input, a non-supervised way with the help of inductive algorithms.

Easy to roll-out, simple to use

 Netwave needs 4 things to work:

Your catalogue

 Netwave is a market standard amongst the main flow management tools.


allowing you to follow all the navigation of users on your site. 


Using HTML or JSON allowing banners to be published.

Your commercial strategy

 to brief the AI based on your requirements online purchase.

Concrete results

For the entire Netwave community, results are measured in real time, via A/B tests, across periods of sufficient length to be conclusive, by addressing all the elements of purchase cycle  (engagement, conversion, average basket, retention) we strive to achieve:

  • An average increase in turn-over/visit of between 10% and 25%.
  • A reduction in acquisition costs of between 5% and 15%.

Personalisation, a true requirement

On average only 2 visitors in 100 end up making a purchase from a visit to a website. In physical commerce, this rate is more than 50%. One of the differences comes from the presence of a salesperson who is capable of identifying the needs of the visitor (detection of weak signals). Based on what all of your other visitors and customers do, we help you to determine the offer, the messages which will convert more visits into sales. This work is delivred by Netwave Nexus, Netwave's Artifical Intelligence processor, which aims to help you to increase your commercial efficiency relating to:

Engagement rate

Conversion rate

Average basket


Personalisation, a true client expectation

of online shoppers are more inclined to recommend a site which offers them personalised offers relating to their needs.

of internet users prefer to make purchases on a retail site that provides personalised offers

Source : CCM Benchmark

 of consumers are more likely to make a new purchase (returning customer) with a vendor who provides personalised and targeted offers.

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