Netwave Driver

Place a marketer behind each of your visitors

Just like a dataminer, but in real-time:

Netwave Driver optimises your on-site campaigns. It understands and recognises each of your visitors. It identifies their needs, their psychology and their purchasing behaviour, etc. in real-time during their visit. It identifies those who present the same characteristics and measures the impact of your existing (promotional, content or service) campaigns on them. It then selects and publishes, during navigation, those campaigns which have performed the best (based on click rate, sales revenue and/or generated margin).
Finally, your visitors are offered those campaigns which are more likely to interest them and increase their engagement and your sales revenue per visit.

Display your promotional performance-based campaigns
Netwave Driver :
1/ identifies the characteristics of each of your visitors individually, during their visit
2/ instantly determines the location for promotional banners with the best chance of engaging them and converting their visit into a purchase.
3/ publishes it in real-time

Publish performance-based content

Netwave Driver provides instant complementary content which is more likely to interest a visitor and to contribute to converting their visit into a purchase.

Present your services

Netwave Driver helps you to guide your visitors to services where reading has more chance of converting their visit into a sale.

Present your services

Netwave Driver helps guide your visitors to services that are more likely to convert their visit into a sale.

Visitor knowledge

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Netwave micro-segments, in real-time, and re-updates with every click 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It identifies up to 16,000 situations (dynamic micro-segments) having a statistical value  with every 1,000,000 visits, by studying more than 600 data points.

Relevant Interactions

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Netwave auto-generates personalisation rules based on your commercial strategy and your visitor's situation. This allows you to have complete control by the AI, manual rules or a mixture of the two. Netwave analyses and makes a recommendation within 45ms, and then generates thousands of personalisation rules.

Security and Serenity

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Netwave obtained a grade A in the SSLLLABS/Qualys classification for their infrastructure and their back office, archiving configurations and offering One-click return, review and A/B test functions, etc. Netwave manages around 4.15 million visits, 38.8 million web services and 25.4 million recommendations in just one single day.

     Data White Box     

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All data used by our processor is visible in our back office and is exportable to your data mart, linked with our recommendations.

200 markers exploiting 600 data points are at your disposal in order to better understand each of your visitors.

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