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Social Media Marketing


Tag Management Solution


The TagCommander Tag Management solution allows you to direct the life cycle of your e-marketing tags and put you in the drivers seat to direct your own site. Tag Commander is a universal French tag. This integrated solution covers the need for advertising website tracking, video, mobile and app tracking. Tag Commander integrates some 90 partners natively (affiliation, re-targeting, ad-Serving, social commerce, chat & web call back, web analytics, server monitoring, user centric, bid management, SEM, SEO, social media, Facebook…)


E-commerce flow management


An innovative solution offering merchants the ability to optimise visibility and profitability of their online store for all of their distribution mediums (marketplaces, price comparison sites, affiliation networks and retargeting), Lengow provides e-merchants with the opportunity to quickly and easily broadcast their products in France and internationally Available in 45 countries, Lengrow currently manages more than 3500 e-commerce sites and works daily with 1,800 broadcast partners.

Altima Hosting

Hosting and facilities management


Altima Hosting is a specialist in hosting e-business solutions and they benefit from more than 14 years experience in this field. Altima Hosting are also a highly accessible hosting company thanks to two data-centres which respond to Tiers 3 and 4 of the legislation. Altima Hosting guarantee us a preventative maintenance with monitoring tools for improved incident management. There's also the guarantee of optimal data security for our clients as well as a hosting architecture known to support our client's web traffic. User experience is also preserved.