Security & Confidentiality

You have nothing to fear about your data

Data security


The Netwave servers are highly secure. Intrusion probes and tests are constantly challenging our systems to guarantee the security of your data. The level of Netwave's Infrastructure security in terms of data exchange has obtained an A grade on a scale of A to F. This score is attributed via the world-renowned  SSLLABS site and QUALYS tool.

Privacy & Confidentiality


The Netwave technology minimises the collection of information about your visitors. This information is kept completely anonymous on our servers. The only similarity between Netwave situational data and normative data is that they can only be done within your IT system.

Maximum Security


The Netwave Booster servers work asynchronously and they include a circuit breaker which isolates them from your computing resources. Their function will not not impact your own servers at all. The Netwave security level for accessing the administration interface, obtained an A grade on a scale of A-F within the SSLLABS classification by the QUALYS tool.

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