Web Intelligence & Decision Management in real-time

Netwave and Inductive Situational Analysis

Netwave has developed a new generation of Artificial Intelligence technology (for the processing of information and creation of personalised interactions): Inductive Situational Analysis.

Created from the research of Jean Pierre Malle (Netwave's Scientific Advisor) based on cognitive psychology. It reproduces the human brain's essential mechanisms of acquisition of knowledge and decision making.
2 agile technologies are brought together in Nexus, Netwave's Artificial Intelligence processor.

A revolutionary Web Analytics technology: The interpretation of weak signals
Just like a salesman in a shop, Netwave Nexus specialises in detecting weak signals and their context, which allows it to understand the situation, the requirements, restraints, motivations and background for each visitor.

A breakthrough Decision Management technology: Inductive algorithms
Again, just like the sales assistant in a shop with inductive logic (generalising what works in certain cases) vs deductive logic (creating hundreds of general rules which will apply to hundreds of predetermined specific cases), the platform reproduces suggestions that have worked best on visitors in the same situation. All this, by generating and updating its own rules, in real-time, with every click.