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Agile Intelligence - Smart Personalisation

Agile Intelligence - Smart Personalisation

"We boost the performance of e-commerce and Online Advertising
through Real-Time Personalisation using our AI technology"

Netwave boosts your performance

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Netwave personalises all your digital assets

From your products through to your expert content, Netwave personalises your customers’ journey from A to Z. Using the Netwave Nexus AI processor, it highlights, for each of your visitors:

  • Those products that maximise the chances of conversion, taking into account the customer’s situation (expectations, behaviour, obstacles, motivation, etc.) and your strategy, either within the same price range as the product consulted (recommendation – product) or between X and Y % more expensive than the product consulted (upselling),
  • Those products which are most likely to be purchased along with to the main purchase (cross-selling),
  • Web banners or promotional banners that are most likely to be clicked on,
  • Content (services, editorial content, etc.) that is most likely to meet your visitors’ needs.

Netwave personalises all your touchpoints

Call center

Netwave personalises all your digital touchpoints and connects all your channels to its Nexus processor: Website, Mobile Website, App, Call Centre, Emailing platforms, Retargeting platforms, etc… and provides your call centres and shops with valuable commercial data.

Data is consolidated, in Real Time, without human input: a visit which began on your website will be taken into account if it continues on your app. A response to a retargeting email will be allowed  for when the customer next visits your website.

Your CRM data is integrated into Netwave trackers using agile technology that does not require interfaces.
As a result, you get a comprehensive overview of your customers from both a physical and digital perspective, using the technology most likely to give them commercially exploitable relevance in Real Time, and a way of interacting with them on all your digital touchpoints.

Netwave Suite, 
the platform of individualized personalisation

Product Module

Netwave’s main module, it allows you to personalise your product recommendations as well as your cross-selling, upselling, and the lists obtained through your search engine or your ranking. With its artificial intelligence engine, it understands and recognises each of your visitors. It identifies their expectations, psychology, purchasing behaviour, etc., in Real Time, at every moment during their visit. This artificial intelligence is perfectly able to adapt to your strategy and to your business rules, (selling excess stock, promoting certain brands, marketplace rules, etc.).

Netwave Booster acts exactly like your most talented shop-based sales staff.

When you use Netwave, each one of your visitors receives uniquely personalised advice and you boost your revenue per visit as well as customer satisfaction: you assign a personalised sales assistant to each of your visitors.

Content Module

With Netwave, you personalise your content in a unique way: services, promotional banners, look-book, revenue, expert content, etc. Netwave identifies what is most likely to interest each of your visitors. It identifies their wants, psychology, behaviour, etc., in Real Time, at every moment during their visit, and displays the content they are most likely to click on.

Using Netwave allows you to personalise uniquely—for each visitor, at every moment of their visit—throughout the entire process, and maximise the  potencial of their visit.

Advertising Module

Netwave offers you the chance to manage your website’s online advertising business and the monetisation of your audience.

By personalising your advertising banners and the sponsored product recommendation, Netwave offers you the chance to manage your website’s monetisation right down to the finest detail. As a result, you are certain of displaying the banner with the best chance of maximising your advertising revenue, depending on your monetisation strategy: CPA/ROI, CPC, CPM, etc.

Netwave also offers advanced website advertising management functions: entering orders, allocating commercial strategies specific to your business model, performance monitoring, alerts, etc.

Finally, with Netwave technology, your visitors are shown the sponsored products and advertisements most likely to interest them and likely to be clicked. Netwave allows you to optimise your inventory and to maximise your advertising revenue. A great way of boosting your visitors’ engagement and maximising all sources of revenue!