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Patented Artificial Intelligence technology

Netwave has developed a new-generation Artificial Intelligence technology (information processing and generation of personalised interactions): Inductive Situational Analysis.

Resulting from research carried out by Jean-Pierre Malle (Netwave's Scientific Advisor) in the field of cognitive psychology, it reproduces the principal mechanisms of knowledge acquisition and decision-making by the human brain. Netwave's Artificial Intelligence processor, Nexus, brings together two agile technologies : the interpretation of weak signals, which enables it to identify visitors’ expectations, obstacles, motivations and context, and inductive algorithms, which enables it to reproduce the conditions that proved most successful with other visitors in the same situation, without the need to configure dozens of segments or rules. All of this occurs in real time, with every click.

Netwave is the only player on the market that offers patented AI technology (France, China, USA, Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil).

Learning and improving
in real time

Publish on and offline
3. Ad publisher
Send the right message
2. The power of the community
Identify visitors’ needs
1. Weak signals

Know your visitors

Netwave micro-segments, in real time, and updates with every click, 24/7. It defines up to 16,000 actionable situations (dynamic micro-segments) for every 1 million visits. 200 markers exploiting 600 data points are freely available for consultation to help improve your understanding of each of your visitors. Netwave guarantees you’ve got all your visitor segments covered, as efficiently as possible.

Response time

Netwave generates the most efficient personalisation rules based on your commercial strategy and your visitors’ situation. It offers you a host of combinations, from full AI to manual rules and any mix of the two. Netwave analyses and makes recommendations in 35 ms on average, and generates several thousand personalisation rules. Netwave guarantees you remain ultra-relevant, without any need for maintenance.

Processing volume

Netwave offers essentiality algorithms that guarantee all your visitors will be covered, regardless of changes in the amount of web traffic, including unforeseen changes. The system automatically allocates more resources in response to an increase in the number of requests per second at the expense of less essential aspects, to convert the visit into a purchase. With Netwave, you’ll never be caught out.


Netwave servers are highly secure. We use security probes and penetration testing, to constantly challenge our systems to guarantee your data security. Netwave Booster servers operate in asynchronous mode and incorporate a “circuit breaker” which isolates them from your IT resources. The data exchange aspect of Netwave infrastructure and the security level of the administration interface access have been awarded the top A grade, according to the SSLLABS ranking powered by QUALYS. With Netwave your business and your data are fully secure.

Data White Box

Netwave technology means you only collect a minimum amount of information about your visitors. All the data used by our processors can be visualised in our back office and exported to your data warehouse. Data remains totally anonymous on our servers, which means we are in full conformity with the GDPR. You remain the sole owner of all the data collected or generated by Netwave and this data is intended for your soul use. Netwave situational data and  visitor data cannot be combined anywhere other than in your IS.

Ease of use

You can use the application in unsupervised mode (you set the strategy and AI executes it), in supervised mode (you set the rules directly and the search engine applies them) or in semi-supervised mode (you combine the two modes described above within the same publication zone). In addition, Netwave keeps a record of all your successive configurations and offers you One-click return functions, preview and A/B test functions, etc. Netwave, the art of making life easier.

HTML or universal API, it’s up to you

From acquisition to loyalty via on-site commitment / conversion, call centre contacts and retargeting, Netwave personalises all your digital touchpoints. In HTML mode or via simple API in JSON format, Netwave connects all your channels to its Nexus processor: Website, Mobile Website, App, Call Centre, Emailing platforms, Retargeting platforms, etc.

Synchronisation omnicanal en temps réel

Netwave consolidates, in Real Time, without human input, the knowledge acquired on all channels. A visit which began on your website will be taken into account immediately if it continues on your app. A response to a retargeting email will be taken into account the next time the customer visits your website.

CRM Data

Your CRM data is integrated into Netwave markers using agile technology that does not require interfaces. Netwave provides you with a means of putting together a comprehensive overview of your customers from both a physical and digital perspective, using the technology most likely to give them commercially exploitable relevance in Real Time, and a way of interacting with them on all your digital touchpoints.

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